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#Raccune - Goodbye

#The Music

The Remittance

Official music video for the latest release entitled The Remittance (Grizzly Bear Soup) featuring the Shadow Man lost in the city.

Verandah Released

Verandah is Here! Stream & Download Your Copy Today -

[Feb 17th, 2016]

My new album Verandah is finally here on all platforms. A high energy dubstep and trap and suddenly drops into a chill slow stroll through an existential wonderland into the dark forest of chaotic hell. Check it out using the platform of your choice or download straight from me on Bandcamp by clicking that little black box below.




Have you heard the new Bloom series? -

[Aug 7th, 2016]

Hey guys! I've been hard at work lately on a new chilled out series of songs I'm referring to as the Bloom series. So far they've just been coming so I hope you're enjoying them. You can find what has been released so far on the media page or on my Soundcloud!


Black Out Mode

Dab Plane

May 6th, 2018: I produced this song one week before my birthday and we shot the video in my back yard. This is a sneak peak of the new 4 song EP #Goodbye coming soon.

We finally finished our music video for the song Black Out Mode off of Verandah. It's really pretty weird and really pretty awesome! Check it out!

#April 2015

The April 2015 Futherstep Mix is my most recent mix/video. I've been so busy working on the new album I haven't put out anything in a while. Just wanted to let you know I'm working and give you a preview of what is to come!

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