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Producer, DJ, rapper, videographer, graphic designer, IPA drinker, terrible tattoo giver, burrito lover, and all around nice guy.


#Raccune is a producer, DJ, vocalist and guitarist hailing from Bellingham, Washington. 


#Raccune began making music at a very early age, continuing through high school and eventually joining a metal band after high school called Thineu. He later joined the melodic death/metalcore band She’s On Fire until 2010. During this time, #Raccune was also dabbling a bit in hip-hop, starting his own rap group called Haunted Authors in 2008–his first serious project in hip-hop. That same year, he discovered dubstep, and thus began his love for electronic music.


In 2012, #Raccune began pursuing his own electronic music seriously, coming up with his solo moniker and releasing his debut album Avertia. The album was very well-received, and he knew he had started something great. Today, he produces mainly dubstep and trap music, specifically chillstep and brostep (a term he prefers not to use). 


#Raccune cites his main musical influences as Rusko, Caspa, Foreign Beggars, Blackmill, and Seven Lions as well as hardcore bands such as Norma Jean and Attack! Attack!.


He continues to be inspired by his four-year-old son Ezra, and he always runs his music by him before releasing anything.


“I’m not afraid to experiment and I have participated in and loved being a part of so many groups and different genres,” he said.


Just this year, #Raccune opened for Mickey Avalon and Turquoise Jeep. His song “Slide Daddy” is slated to reach 100,000 plays on Spotify, a milestone few artists have been able to reach. He hopes to go on tour in the future, proving that #Raccune is here to stay.

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