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Goodbye reviewed in What's-Up Magazine

The Goodbye EP was recently reviewed in Bellingham's What's Up Magazine. It's available in print in town but not online so here is the review for all the internet to read:

Just as the EP name implies, every true goodbye is a journey. Introspective and uplifting when embarking on a new chapter of life, or coming to a close on one. The fluidity of #Raccune's Goodbye EP is an inspiring thing to behold. Leaving questions as to whether it is truly a concept EP or accidentally well placed words allowing the creative freedom of the listener to be the story architect.

To begin the EP "Dab Plane" sends you up into a spirited dance, taking flight where it may have been thought not possible before.

Upon reaching altitude, so to speak. 'Naomi' puts us in that calm and level state of travel where your body and soul synchronize, almost floating to your destination. Be it place or person. Feeling weightless in flight as birds may.

Followed up by separation anxiety. Recognizing that ever so important piece of luggage was forgotten. Creating the cascade effect of all the others forgotten and left. "Turbulence" drops you in the air momentarily in order to gain understanding that "This too shall pass." creating an ease and extended comfort with the situation.

A conquering of doubt creating personal power knowing you can endure what may come. "Should We Come To This" wraps the entire EP up with a beautiful bow and mic drops the package into your lap. Left wanting to tear into that sucker and reveal its contents.

This EP leaves you wanting nothing but more. #Raccune has dropped a killer EP on Bellingham.

Zach Manni, What's-Up Magazine 2018

Of course you can find the album on all major streaming outlets including Spotify and YouTube as well as available for download on Bandcamp.

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